Wands: These are good when removing lashes and also for light cleaning of the lashes after brushing


Brushes for lash bath:



I Use this to clean the tools between each client. This you can find this cheaper at the hair store for real cheap.




My favorite brands for lashing:

Ilevellab (ellipse)

BQ (Amazon) 

Quewel (amazon)

Fadlash  (amazon)


 4 Tray Premade Fans 0.07 0.10 Diameter Premade Volume Eyelash Extensions C D curl Volume Lash Extensions 3D 4D 5D 6D Fan Lashes Fanning Lashes(3D-C-0.10-14+15)

Amazon Buys for cheap:


Facebook Groups

Lash Promotions (this one is good when you buy things you don’t like and you want to get rid of them. Also other people buy stuff they didn’t care for but other lash artist love so they will sell it on there. When i want to try a lash line but don’t want to pay the full price I get a used case from here to practice with) This is also where people send you codes for free products to try and discounted online courses.